The random we do not leave anything. Who like us, want to provide the best quality must master in particular the complexity of the production. Therefore, our machine park is on the cutting edge of technology, the degree of automation is very high and our employees are highly trained. Certified raw materials and an absolutely constant quality are the basis of our reliability. Our customers appreciate that.

Production process

Georg Jordan use regarding different manufacturing techniques two proven casting procedures:

  1. Vacuum casting [VG]; casting under vacuum
  2. Automatic pressure gelation [ADG]; casting with overpressure

With these two methods a large flexibility exists in order to react quickly to customer requests. The quality of the products or of both processes convince all at once.

The raw material processing is carried out with a fully automatic computerized process engineering. The casting resin is passed through pipelines directly to the casting chambers. A continuous supply and secure quality is so guaranteed.

In the production process of GEORG JORDAN more modern technologies are used:

  • Mixing and metering components
  • Degassing equipment
  • Casting chambers
  • Forms
  • Dryers respectively ovens

All “out of one cast” – according to your requirements and your needs.


Georg Jordan MV Bushings
Georg Jordan MV Bushings