From kickoff to the final product


We develop you continue.

A team of experienced employees in Siegburg and Malaysia is the first address for your projects in cast resin and engineering.

GEORG JORDAN provides competent support for their ideas and goals.

With the takeover of development and routine tasks and up to the overall responsibility for complex projects we relieve you. Our engineers, technicians and project and quality managers will accompany you with outstanding expertise and advanced technology. With universities we cooperate both closely and successfully. We have modern workplaces with possible performances:

  • Consultancy in the product design phase
  • Designing, 3D design and simulation
  • Electric field calculation
  • Consultancy in the selection of raw materials concerning product use
  • Advice in the choice of production process
  • Design and implementation of production tools

We offer our customers and employees maximum flexibility, reliability and planning certainty. An excellent base to successfully develop with GEORG JORDAN future!

Georg Jordan Engineering
Georg Jordan Engineering

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