Material Expertise

Georg Jordan uses different manufacturing techniques – vacuum casting [VG] and automatic pressure gelation [ADG] – as well as cast resins regarding types of insulators and applications – indoor and outdoor use. All material variants meet the required different property profiles to the area of application.

In line with these requirements, epoxy cast resin materials were developed as aromatic and cycloaliphatic formulations for the production of insulating parts (DIN 16946). All formulations used are suitable for tropical environments and termite proof.

Standard material formulations:

  • Indoor use – aromatic base (61 / 62)
  • High temperature use – aromatic base (65)
  • Outdoor use – cycloaliphatic base (CEP) (64)
  • Outdoor use – hydrophobic; cycloaliphatic base (HCEP)
  • Outdoor use – semi-flexible; hydrophobic; cycloaliphatic base (S-HCEP)

Over view – standard material variants:

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