Georg Jordan - Railway insulators and bushings

Railway Technology

Georg Jordan is one of the leading producers of insulating components made of cast resin for the electrified local and long-distance train services.

Casting resin components of Georg Jordan found in many vehicles from renowned manufacturers world-wide. Places of operation are the indoor and outdoor areas. Georg Jordan offers both standardized and in close cooperation with the customers developed product solutions.

Renowned international railway technology manufacturers have a close and long-term supplier relationship with Georg Jordan. This is not only based on trust, but also to regular internal audits. Our references and acquired certificates are the proof of our innovative strength and performance and reliability.

From one hand the customer receives a complete product realization based on a modern cast resin technology. Georg Jordan delivers both proven and tested standard products and newly developed custom finishes.

The performance spectrum from 1 up to 27.5 kV includes casting resin components for the application areas:

Inner range:

  • Traction transformers
  • Vehicle engines
  • Railway switchgear
  • Power converter

Outdoor range:

  • Roof bushings
  • Post insulators (roof garden)
  • Pantograph supporting isulators
  • Braking resistors

Railway insulators and bushings or the used casting resins comply with international standards such as:

  • DIN 5510-2 / DIN EN 45545:
    Railway applications – Fire protection of railway vehicles
  • EN 50124-1:
    Railway applications – Insulation coordination – Part 1: Basic requirements – Clearances and creepage distances for all electrical and electronic equipment
  • DIN EN 61373:
    Railway applications – Equipment of railway vehicles – Tests for vibrations and shocks
  • DIN EN 61373:
    Pantographs – Vibration, shock and impact testing

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