Capacitive insulators (TSK) for switchgears (MV)

  • Capacitive insulators with supporting (TSK) are used as high voltage side capacity for voltage detecting systems between the medium voltage section and the interface.
  • Capacitive insulators correspond in their measurements and physical properties to conventional DIN insulators without coupling capacitance and can therefore replace them.
  • In conjunction with the capacitances C2 of the downstream devices, the capacitance C1 of the capacitive insulator forms a capacitive voltage divider. The insulators can be combined with the connecting leads to form HR/LRM systems (high and low resistance).
  • LRM systems require additional measuring circuit capacitances C2m.

Capacitive coupling electrodes (KKE) for switchgears (MV)

Alternatively, the capacitive insulator (TSK) can be supplied without a supporting function – capacitive electrodes (KKE). These are ideal for retrofits on existing switchgear. Unlike capacitive insulators, they are not designed to withstand mechanical loading. They therefore weigh less and are generally smaller in size.

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