Siegburg – located between Cologne and Bonn, in 1950: engineer Georg Jordan starts up his firm for manufacturing electro-technical devices. The time is well chosen; the rebuilding of Germany is in full swing. Everywhere, in medium voltage and low voltage, outdoor and indoor equipment is being installed for the power supply, and that requires insulators.

The reinforcing of porcelain insulators is Georg Jordan’s first field of work. The young business soon becomes a supplier to well-known customers at home and abroad due to the good quality of its products. “Jordan Insulators” becomes a mark of quality, thereby enabling the company to constantly expand its share of the market.


A few years later, the individual enterprise is turned into a limited company – a GmbH. At roughly the same time, Jordan’s development engineers begin studies relating to the technical possibilities of using plastics as a material for insulators.

Georg Jordan GmbH is one of the first to present a new generation of insulators made of epoxy resin. Plastic insulators have considerable advantages in comparison with conventional porcelain insulators: they are lighter with better mechanical attribute values, are quicker and more economical to produce. Today, customer-specific cast-resin constructions for all levels of voltage are produced in Siegburg with the most modern production facilities.

Today, the name Georg Jordan GmbH stands in the electrical industry for competent partnership, both at home and abroad. This reputation is sustained by intensively working together with our customers as well as by development of innovative quality products.


The next step of expanding our product range to include the dynamic sector of measurement and testing  systems was in keeping with the requirements of our customers and therefore logical. In addition to customer-specific cast-resin construction components, a comprehensive range of capacitive voltage-testing systems, short-circuit indication devices and voltage measurement systems have been on offer since the early 1990s.


In 2001, a production company was set up in the Kuala Lumpur metropolitan area, with the aim of meeting the needs of the growing Asian market. Today, more than 200 people are employed there in the production of epoxy-resin insulators on a total production area of around 6,000 sq m.


Since 2008 our buildings and plant facilities in Siegburg covering a production and storage area of around 10,000 sq m. Through the restructuring of the production workshops and the expansion of production capacity it has been possible to consistently further develop our core area of business.